As the weather changes and we welcome (happily or not)  the colder temps … Some people are ready, some are not …

So are you a warm weather person or do you love it chilly? A study conducted by OnePo found that there are some interesting differences between warm and cold weather fans:

Cold weather people are more introverted, prefer cats to dogs, like to stay indoors and are more likely to enjoy classical music, jazz, heavy metal and folk. They also make slightly more in salary on average ($55,000 vs. $51,000) than their warm weather counterparts. Those who like cold climates tend to describe themselves as shy, quiet and sarcastic. No surprise, they enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Warm weather people tend to be extroverts, prefer dogs to cats, love to be outdoors and are more likely to listen to pop, hip hop/rap, R&B and country. Warm-weather fans describe themselves as outgoing and confident. And, as expected, warm weather people like the beach and pool.

Personally i am sort in between .. Call me a Luke warm person i guess .. I have traits of both.


Stay warm … or cold … & Keep Rockin’ – Tejay




Tejay Schwartz

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