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Paul McCartney tells Radio 2 that he still has a passion for songwriting. “It’s my passion. It’s something I love to do. I always say if they stopped me now, I’d just do it as a hobby tomorrow, so it’s just something I love to do.”

Billy Joel tells The Daily Mail that he’s a ‘homebody’. “I’ve always taken out the trash and changed diapers. I don’t want staff around me. I want to walk around in my boxers if I feel like it. So we’re pretty much on our own. I do the cooking and my wife does the cleaning. It’s easy.”

Heart’s Ann Wilson tells that she hopes to inspire young women to stand up for themselves. “In terms of musicians and being in front of a camera, it still is pretty backwards for women. You see young chicks just walking around in stilettos, hypersexualizing themselves in order to be noticed, and that’s pretty ancient, that’s nothing new. That part of being a woman in the music industry still has room for improvement. I think that a lot of the blame has to go to the women themselves, because the longer they accept that … the longer it’ll survive. I think as an older woman, someone who has been around since 1950 and been in the music industry since the early ’70s, I think the only way women can make any progress at all and in society is to not take “no,” and to stand up and be bold and obvious, and not shrink behind just looking “cute.””

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott tells Forbes magazine that he thinks he is getting cooler in his advanced age. “If you’re still doing this in your 70s, you’re even cooler than you were 20 years ago. Look at Aerosmith, look at the Stones, look at McCartney. There’s a cred factor.”

Bob Seger tells Rock Cellar magazine that “Main Street” is about his childhood. “I just loved to fantasize about music and I fantasized about being a musician. “Main Street” is about those pre-high school years and that’s exactly what I saw. This club was on Ann Street and it was off of Main Street. But the club was very lively and to a 12, 13 year old that was pretty cool. I loved the groove because it’s Chicago blues and the women are dancing and you’re starting to think the women are looking pretty good. So all that stuff ended up becoming the elements for the song “Main Street.””


Queen’s Roger Taylor tells Planet Rock magazine that he doesn’t care that the Bohemian Rhapsody movie received some negative reviews. ”The trouble with us is we’re too popular, and a lot of the media just hate that. There were some decent reviews, but there were many that were kinda sneering and superficial. I thought, ‘You just don’t get it, do you? You weren’t moved, and whatever. But bad reviews usually mean that it’s going to be really successful.”

Joe Perry tells The Las Vegas Review Journal that Aerosmith’s residency show in Las Vegas is free from ‘bells and whistles’. “Do you want to see a rock ‘n’ roll show in Vegas, instead of Cirque du Soleil or David Copperfield doing some magic? The new Aerosmith show has a lot of lights and flash that you would expect from a Vegas show but I don’t think you will walk away disappointed. We could have had a lot more moving elevators, dancing girls, juggling dogs, all kinds of things that we could have done in that direction, but we just knew if we messed around with what people would expect from Aerosmith, it wouldn’t work.”

Billboard magazine says Aerosmith has made $30 million during their residency and sold more than 150,000 tickets

Stevie Nicks tells Rolling Stone magazine that she and Prince were strange friends. “We were strange friends. ‘Stand Back’ was inspired by ‘Little Red Corvette.’ I called him and said, ‘Can you come to the studio and listen to this song? I’ve sung over your song and written another song and you may hate it and if you do, I won’t do it.’ He came over to to Sunset Sound and he loved it. He played piano and guitar on it. Then he was gone, he was like a spirit then. We always had that crazy respect for each other. I feel that connection is still there, maybe more now than before he died.”.

Billy Joel tells Vulture magazine that his favorite lyrics are from “River of Dreams”. “Probably something on ‘River of Dreams.’ I like that song ‘No Man’s Land.’ Raise up a multiplex and we will make a sacrifice.” This biblical imagery skewed by consumerism. I’m proud of that. There are some good lyrics in ‘All About Soul’ too.”

Elton John tells the Irish Times that he wants to do nothing for six months after his farewell tour ends. ”I don’t have a clue. I’ve got another couple of years to go. What I’d like to do is spend time at my house in Windsor, walk around the garden, catch up with friends, spend some time with the boys [his sons Zachary and Elijah]. I just want to do nothing for about six months and catch up with my social life in England. Whether I’ll be able to do that is another matter – I’m not going to miss travelling, or life on the road, or staying in hotels, but I’m an enormous fidget.”


Don Henley tells The Guardian that there’s one benefit of getting older. “One of the joys of growing up is you finally bury the hatchet with so many people from the past that you had a tenuous or competitive relationship with. It feels good.”

Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott tells the Toronto Sun that the band had NO intentions of being a ‘One Hit Wonder.’ “We were never interested in being a one-hit wonder band. We wanted a legacy. We wanted to put out a ‘Greatest Hits’ record one day where every single song was a true hit.”

In his new memoir, “Me: Elton John”, Elton claims Yoko Ono asked him to finish several John Lennon songs. “I thought it was too soon, the time wasn’t right. Actually I didn’t think the time would ever be right. Just the thought of it freaked me out…I thought it was horrible. Yoko was insistent, but so was I. So it was a very uncomfortable meeting.”

Elton John tells GQ magazine that the new Lion King movie was a disappointment to him.  “The new version of The Lion King was a huge disappointment to me, because I believe they messed the music up. Music was so much a part of the original and the music in the current film didn’t have the same impact. The magic and joy were lost. I wish I’d been invited to the party more, but the creative vision for the film and its music was different this time around and I wasn’t really welcomed or treated with the same level of respect. That makes me extremely sad.”

The NY Post claims the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced their 2020 finalists. They include  ….

Pat Benatar
Dave Matthews Band
Depeche Mode
The Doobie Brothers
Whitney Houston
Judas Priest
Nine Inch Nails
The Notorious B.I.G.
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
Todd Rundgren
Thin Lizzy


Bruce Springsteen says he knows what his future plans are.  “I’m a man of many talents. You know I write books and Broadway plays and now l’m making movies. I’m going to try being an astronaut next. I’ll let you know how that goes.”

In his new memoir, “Me: Elton John”, Elton says Michael Jackson was a disturbing person during his final years. “He was genuinely mentally ill, a disturbing person to be around. The poor guy looked awful, really frail and ill. Jackson’s nose was covered with a sticking plaster. For whatever reason, he couldn’t seem to cope with adult company at all.”

Daryl Hall tells the Poughkeepsie Journal that he and John Oates are talking about recording new music together. “We’re kind of figuring out what we’re going to do, talking about doing something with the two of us.”

The Sun claims Rod Stewart is allegedly no longer singing Hot Legs, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and Tonight’s the Night because of the #MeToo movement. A source tells the newspaper, “Songs and lyrics penned in the 1970s and 1980s, when attitudes to sex and courting were very different, do not reflect how he feels today. But just as the times have changed, so has Rod. Nowadays he’s a happily married man and father of eight — and he doesn’t feel it necessary to sing about doing the deed, or explicit female body parts. In the wake of the ongoing #MeToo movement, it all feels a bit outdated and he would hate to offend any young fans.”

TMZ says Eddie Van Halen is undergoing throat cancer treatments in Germany. The website claims Eddie developed the cancer from a metal guitar pick he’s used for more than 20 years. Eddie would often place the pick in his mouth. That and smoking may have caused his cancer. The website claims one third of Eddie’s tongue has reportedly been removed. Eddie has been flying back and forth to Germany to get his radiation treatments

Queen guitarist Brian May tells USA Today that the band is beyond grateful that Adam Lambert came into their lives. “Adam is a ‘Modern Marvel; without whom, for sure, Queen would not be out here delivering at the top level.”

Bob Seger tells Rock Cellar magazine that he was singing before he even knew how to play the guitar. “My mom used to send me to the store when I was seven and I would sing the hit parade. I’d sing the sax parts, I’d sing it all and I couldn’t even play an instrument yet. It was just in me. My dad was a musician and my mom loved to dance. She was one of those mothers, who knew every song and every writer of every song. So by the time I’m ten, I’m singing Elvis Presley songs, and I’m singing all this stuff, and I don’t even know how to play an instrument yet.”

Billy Joel tells Pollstar that he would tell his 20-year-old self to go easy on the marriages. “Stop getting married so much. Current wife Alexis is number four. May the fourth be with me.”

In his new memoir, “Me: Elton John”, Elton says he always knew he wouldn’t be a classical pianist. “In a heartbeat. I knew I wasn’t going to be a classical pianist – my hands are too small and I wanted to be a rock’n’roll player. But it was a wonderful place, even if it was full of fear – it was strict, they hated anything that wasn’t classical music, although it’s very different now.”

Jimmy Page tells The Irish Times that ‘fate’ had everything to do with Led Zeppelin becoming a band. “Fate had so much to do with it and the blueprint for the band coming together is something that anyone involved in music would like to replicate. The Yardbirds folded in 1968, and within a handful of months Led Zeppelin was not only a band but also a very successful one. From meeting Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones, teaming up, rehearsing, playing selected gigs outside of Britain, coming back into Olympic Studios to record the first album, and then going to America, which we crack open like a nut with the debut record. All that happened, literally, within months.”


In his new memoir, “Me: Elton John”, Elton writes that undergoing a hair transplant was one of the most painful things he has ever done. “Undergo a simple procedure, I was told, and I’d be leaving his clinic a changed man. It didn’t quite work out like that. I had it done twice, and both times it hurt like hell. The sound of the hair being removed was disconcertingly like a rabbit gnawing its way through a carrot”.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal says Aerosmith was recently performing a residency show in Las Vegas when Steven Tyler stunned fans by inviting Johnny Depp on stage.

He said, “Ladies and gentlemen, joining us on guitar, Johnny Depp! What, did you think I was kidding!? It’s Johnny Depp!”

Depp accompanied the band as they sang ”Toys in the Attic”.

Sammy Hagar tells Louder Sound magazine that he hasn’t spoken to the Van Halen’s in 15 years. ”As crazy it as it seems, the last time I spoke directly to them was after the last show on the 2004 reunion tour, the Best Of Both Worlds. We played Tucson, Arizona, and we walked off stage and said: “See you later.” We all got our private planes home, and we never talked again. I’ve tried. I’ve reached out a couple of times. About three or four years ago I wished Eddie a happy birthday on Instagram, and he got back to me – or his Instagram person did – and said: “Hope you’re doing well, thank you.” And that was it. That’s the way it is.”

Pop Culture Celebrity, citing Radar Online, claims Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp have allegedly broken up. A source tells the news outlets, “They had a massive blowup, with both of them screaming at each other about all the issues that have kept them from marrying all these years. So Meg just told John to hit the highway! They never stopped loving each other, but their problems didn’t go away when they got back together. He would go to his hometown in Seymour to clear his head. Sometimes John wouldn’t even let Meg know he was there until after his plane landed. It would drive her crazy.”

Ozzy Osbourne is canceling more tour dates as he recovers from a bad fall. He says, “I’m here to give you an update on my condition. As you probably know, or you may not know, at the beginning of this year, I had a bad fall. I screwed all the vertebrae in my neck and had to have surgery. I’ve got a lot more nuts and bolts in my neck now than in my car. I’m not dying, I am recovering. It’s just taking a little bit longer than everyone thought it would. I’m bored stiff of being stuck on a  bed all day. I can’t wait to get off my ass and get going again. But you’re just gonna have to be a little bit more patient. I’m postponing the European tour because I’m not ready. I’m not retiring — I’ve still got gigs to do — but when I do come back on an American tour, I wanna be one hundred percent ready to come out and knock your socks off. And also, there’s a new album on the way. Thank you to my band and my crew and Live Nation, and most of all, Judas Priest. I just wanna say one thing to the fans: I sincerely thank you for your patience and your loyalty. I love you. Now, will you let me get better.”


Contact Music claims Elton John may do a series of residency shows in London or Las Vegas after his farewell tour wraps up. His husband, David Furnish, is quoted by the website as saying, ”I think he will perform in a much more limited capacity. Maybe a small series of shows in London every couple of years, maybe a small residency in Vegas is a possibility. He wants to spend time with his family, that’s the most important thing. ‘Does he want to stop working? Absolutely not. Elton is a workhorse, he’s passionate and vital and loves what he does. He must never stop creating and he must never stop performing, at least in a very limited capacity. But he doesn’t want to travel around the world and be away from his family any more. He finds that excruciating now. That side of his life will end.”

Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry says he plans to release more new music before Christmas. He tweeted, “1 yr since Traces my 1st record in 25 yrs was released. TY for receiving it w/ such kindness. More to come incl Xmas music this yr. TY for ur support & acceptance of this new music. TY to my label @fantasyrecords for their constant support. It wouldn’t be possible w/o all of you!”

Ringo Starr tells Yahoo News that his days of recording music in a big studio are long over. He loves recording at his house studio. “I don’t want to be in an old-fashioned recording studio anymore, really. I’ve had enough of the big glass wall and the separation. We are all together in here, whoever I invite over. This is the smallest club in town. And I love it, being at home, being able to say hi to Barb, it’s just been good for me and the music.”

Meatloaf tells Rolling Stone magazine that growing up his mother didn’t think he could sing. “My mom, sang in a gospel quartet, and she used to say to me, ‘Good thing you’re not going to be a singer, because you can’t carry a tune in a bucket.”

Alternative Nation says Guns N Roses was performing in Austin, Texas on Friday when Axl Rose threw a horn after he failed to play it correctly.

A fan posted, “During Nightrain, when Axl blew the horn, when he tried to throw the chord, it got stuck and fell, he tried to kick it, failed again as it fell to the ground, so he picked it up, laughed it off and threw it.”

Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott tells the Toronto Sun that the band never sold out. “Over the years, we’ve banged heads with some of the hard rock fraternity who think we sold out. But we wanted to have a commercial edge. We wanted to have the power of a band like AC/DC with the melody, drive and dynamism of a group like Queen. You put those two together in a pot, stir them around and that’s kind of like the majority of what we wanted to be.”

Joe Perry tells The Star Tribune that he still has a love/hate relationship with Steven Tyler. “We’re getting along good. We both want the same thing. We just go at it in different ways. That’s one of the things we’ve learned. We don’t let it get personal. We hang out together. We still have our issues but it’s only about music.”

Ric Ocasek’s former wife, Paulina Porizkova, tells Rolling Stone magazine that she remembers the last time she saw him alive before he died. “I stopped and got some cookies for Ric. When I got there, he was sitting in his usual chair and I said, ‘I got some gooey cookies,’ and he said, ‘OK, thanks, hon — I had some terrible cookies because I was in the mood for cookies, but I’ll have your gooey cookies tomorrow. I think I’m going to bed early since I‘m feeling a little sore.’ And that was the last time I saw him alive.”

NME magazine claims Paul McCartney’s psychedelic Wings tour bus is being auctioned off. The double-decker bus is expected to sell for as much as $40,000.

Blondie’s Debbie Harry tells The Independent Newspaper that she regrets not having children. “Not until recently, I really didn’t see myself doing it, but now I feel I’m capable and I could actually do it.

Paul McCartney will reportedly release two never-before-heard songs on November 29th in honor of Record Store Day. “Home Tonight” and “In a Hurry”  were left off his ”Egypt Station” project. claims Ric Ocasek’s New York City townhouse has been placed up for sale for $13.9 million. The home has five bedrooms, a fireplace, cheetah print carpeting, a recording studio and rooms with pink striped wallpaper

Elton John tells that he once tried to give Bob Dylan a makeover. “Towards the end of the Eighties, I held an insane party in LA, and invited everyone I knew. By mid-evening, I was flying, absolutely out of my mind, when a scruffy-looking guy I didn’t recognise wandered into the lit-up garden. Who the hell was he? Must be one of the staff, a gardener. I loudly demanded to know what the gardener was doing helping himself to a drink. There was a moment’s shocked silence, broken by my PA saying, ‘Elton, that’s not the gardener. It’s Bob Dylan.’ I rushed over, grabbed him and started steering him towards the house. ‘Bob! Bob! We can’t have you in those terrible clothes, darling. Come upstairs and I’ll fit you out with some of mine at once. Come on, dear!’ Dylan stared at me, horrified. His expression suggested he was trying hard to think of something he wanted to do less than get dressed up like Elton John, and drawing a blank.”

In his new memoir, “Me: Elton John”, Elton writes that Rod Stewart used to dump women by leaving a plane ticket on their bed. ”Rod Stewart occasionally let girls know he’d finished with them by just leaving a plane ticket on their bed, so he wasn’t going to win any awards for chivalry either.”

Billboard magazine says The Eagles plan to perform ”Hotel California” in its entirety during their 2020 tour.

Dates include

Feb. 7-8 — Atlanta, State Farm Arena

Feb. 14-15 —  New York, Madison Square Garden

Feb. 29-March 1 — Dallas, American Airlines Center

March 6-7 — Houston, Toyota Center

April 11-12 — San Francisco, Chase Center

April 17-18 —  Inglewood, Calif., The  Forum


Poison lead singer Brett Michaels tells The Press-Enterprise that he’s a ‘Crocker Rocker.’ “I’m a fan of country music. I like all kinds of music, but I’m a rocker that loves country music. It’s just great stories, these great songs and I love classic rock and country so I guess I’m a crocker rocker.”

Duran Duran lead singer Simon LeBon tells The San Diego Tribune that when the band started out they didn’t think they would last very long. “When we started, we weren’t thinking beyond the next two years. We weren’t thinking beyond the next two weeks!”

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant tells Classic Rock magazine that not everyone was a fan of the band in their early days. “Once upon a time, we were social deviants, pushed out to the corners of society, quite often body searched in the street by cops. I remember walking through Dearborn with John Bonham in 1969, on a Sunday afternoon, when Detroit was in flames, and looking across the cityscape and seeing smoke and things like that, and some people went by in a big Lincoln Continental and they put the window down slowly and spat at us – because we were hippies.”

Queen’s Brian May tells NHK that the band’s iconic 1985 Live Aid performance was memorable because it was so different from an average Queen concert. “We went on without our usual show, without darkness. Queen shows were always in darkness, with the lights very dramatic. We didn’t have that at Live Aid. We didn’t have our regular costumes because it made no sense without the lights. We didn’t have our usual sound system, so everything was taken away and it’s just the four of us in an environment which was, I’m going to say, alien. It was a different kind of vehicle, a different car we’re driving, so to go on and do that and still find that we connected was very important.”

Billy Joel tells Pollstar that he has been working with many of the same crew members for decades. “Some of these guys have been with me 45 years. My sound man [Brian Ruggles] has been with me since ’71, that’s nearly 50 years. Yeah, I’ve been working with some of these guys for a long time. Another thing that helps is everybody likes everybody else. And what helps is don’t gossip about people. Don’t badmouth the people you work with. It’s going to come around. Just be cool.” claims a London couple was recently marrying at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas when Rod Stewart gave them a surprise performance. He also gave the couple and their wedding guests tickets to his Las Vegas show. The hotel arranged the performance.

Queen lead guitarist Brian May tells Guitar World that Adam Lambert is a natural ‘frontman.’ “With Adam, it’s a different kettle of fish. He’s a born exhibitionist. He’s not Freddie, and he’s not pretending to be him, but he has a parallel set of equipment. He knows how to deal with an audience. He teases and taunts an audience quite naturally, without thinking about it.”

Stevie Nicks tells Rolling Stone magazine that early in her career she was a ‘starving artist.’ “Lindsay Buckingham and I started out as starving musicians. I do mean starving, with no money. We made great music, but we were still starving and terrified.”

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott tells The Hollywood Reporter that he doesn’t believe in “reinventing” the band’s sound. “Reinvention doesn’t work if you’re a band. It only works for solo artists. We failed, The Who failed, Zeppelin failed, the Stones failed at that. I don’t care what you say, most Stones fans are going, “Just write another ‘Start Me Up’” … reinvention as a band is impossible because you’ve got to get four or five members all on the same page and the reason they got together in the first place is because the original sound they made is what appealed to them.”

Billy Joel tells Pollstar that he has finally gotten used to being a “stadium” performer. “For a long time, I didn’t really feel like I was a stadium act, even though I was playing stadiums. I said, ‘Why are all these people coming to see this piano player? I don’t even move around that much.’ But now … I get it. OK, we can do this. And it’s a spectacle. I sort of feel like a gladiator. I dig the bigness of it. I remember when acts started to play at Madison Square Garden. I think the first one was the George Harrison Bangladesh tribute. And then Blind Faith sold out Madison Square Garden, which I thought was the biggest venue that anybody could ever play music in. And I was shocked. I said, ‘Oh my God, music acts are selling out Madison Square Garden!'”


Stevie Nicks tells Rolling Stone magazine that several female artists inspired her when she was growing up. “I started singing when I was in fourth grade: R&B, all the Shirelles’ songs and the Supremes and the Shangri-Las. All those amazing songs Carole King and Gerry Goffin wrote. That was my diving board for singing as a little girl. My grandfather was a country singer, but I said, ‘No, I’m full-on Top 40. I’m not country.’ I’m dancing to all this crazy R&B music, singing, ‘Sugar Pie.'”

Billy Joel tells that he’s never ‘Googled’ himself. “Oh, no, God. It’s a good thing Google didn’t exist in 1978. That would’ve been painful.”

TMZ claims Gene Simmons checked into a hospital yesterday in Los Angeles because he has kidney stones. He had a procedure that will allow him to pass the stones.

Blabbermouth claims Foreigner’s original lead singer, Lou Gramm, has been hospitalized with a severe respiratory infection, dehydration and fatigue. He released a statement saying, “I’m very disappointed about not being able to perform at the  Foreigner ‘Double Vision: Then & Now’ shows for all the fans. My doctor insists if I pushed myself to perform, I would be in big trouble. So doctor’s orders, I ride the bench. Rock on!”

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott tells The Hollywood Reporter that he will never forget meeting David Bowie. “I met Bowie twice and I really have to double-check myself not to sound like a journalist because all I wanted to do was ask him a thousand questions and I couldn’t, I just couldn’t, so I went in a totally different direction. I held his attention much more. We discussed his early work, like “Uncle Arthur,” “Sell Me a Coat,” “Silly Boy Blue” … stuff like that. He was astonished that I even knew those songs.”

Paul Stanley tells The Star Tribune that he’s trying to take care of his voice for the band’s farewell tour. “I try not to to do too many interviews. It’s hard to stay away from smoke, because the arenas are filled with it. But I do shut up as much as possible, and try other things.”

Ringo Starr tells The Daily Beast that he’s still trying to spread the message of ‘Peace And Love.’ “Well, ‘peace and love,’ I mean, is from the sixties, and, you know, I truly believe it, and I wish the whole world was living in peace and love. But, as we all know, it isn’t. But, you know, my part in it is I just go, ‘peace and love,’ and if anybody does it with me, for that second, two people have thought, ‘peace and love.’ So it sort of goes out like the pebble in the ocean, you know? The ripples go out and out and out. ‘Peace and love.’ You can’t beat that.”

TMZ says Phil Collins was performing in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday when he accidentally fell backwards while walking to a chair with his cane. The crowd gasped as crew members helped him to his feet.

Bryan Adams tells Songwriters Universe that “Summer of ’69” has nothing to do with the year 1969. “A song like ‘Summer of ’69’ is of course one of my faves, but it was the most difficult song to record and the biggest example of a song that didn’t go to number one, but is known around the world. It was recorded in its entirety three or four times including demos, but it wasn’t until I recorded it with a drummer from a quasi-punk ska band that the song took on the naive innocence that was required to convey the energy of the song. While we are on the topic, lets clear up a misconception about that song, and that is it has nothing to do with the year 1969 – it’s about making love and looking back on growin’ up.”

The NY Post says John Mellencamp’s daughter, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Jo Mellencamp, is pregnant with a baby girl


Variety magazine claims New Jersey’s Monmouth County Historical Association debuted their new Bruce Springsteen exhibit. It features 150 pieces of memorabilia including 20 donated by Springsteen himself. Springsteen surprised everyone by attending the opening. He performed “Light Of Day” before telling fans, “I can’t stay long. I’ve got my family in the city, but I wanted to just come down and thank everybody for supporting the Historical Association… It’s nice to be honored in my hometown. “

UDiscoverMusic claims Eric Clapton is auctioning off two guitars to benefit his rehab center in Antigua. His 1964 Firebird 1 is expected to sell for $26,000 while bidding on his Blind Faith Telecaster has reached $19,000 

Blondie star Debbie Harry tells the Sunday Times newspaper that getting plastic surgery is like getting the flu shot.  ”I think it’s the same as having a flu shot basically, another way of looking after yourself. If it makes you feel better and look better and work better, that’s what it’s all about. Getting older is hard on your looks. Like everybody else, I have good days and bad days and those, ‘I hope nobody sees me today’ days.”

Queen lead guitarist Brian May tells Guitar World that Buddy Holly was a big influence on him. “Buddy Holly, not so much for string bending, but his incisive rhythm playing was a big influence on me. And those harmonies! I started to appreciate what could be done with the vocal harmonies. Those things chill me to the bone still. ‘Oh, Boy!’ and ‘Maybe Baby.'”

Meatloaf tells Rolling Stone magazine how he got his name. “It came about on the fourth day of me being alive. This was in Dallas, when my dad, took one look at me and said, ‘He looks like meat,’ and so Meat became my name.”


TV Line claims Billy Joel is developing a new television series based on his song “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant.” Each episode will be based on lyrics from one of Billy’s songs. MGM Television has picked up the project

Joe Perry tells Forbes magazine that his wife dresses him. “What also occupies that hour before getting on stage is asking my wife, Billie, what shirt I should wear. I don’t know what will work. She sees me in a different way than I see myself. She sees what I look like on the lights and what I’m going to move in better.”

Rick Springfield tells Mixtape that ”Jessie’s Girl’ was originally titled ”Gary’s Girl.” “I started going to this stained-glass place in Pasadena. And the reason I kept going was because there was this girl there that was burning hot. And she had a boyfriend, his name was Gary, and she didn’t want anything to do with me. So I took my sexual angst home and wrote a song about her. I tried ‘Gary’s Girl,’ but it didn’t ring. I actually had this original lyric sheet and I changed it to ‘Randy’s Girl.’ I’d actually started writing ‘Randy is a friend,’ and halfway through that line I thought, ‘You know what? No.’ So this name Jessie popped up in my head. I loved it. I went full tilt on the writing and recording thing.”

Rolling Stones star Charlie Watts says he and his wife own hundreds of horses. “My wife is the one who has a horse and I don’t ride. Through her, I am passionate about them. We have a lot. We have about 300. So we don’t have horses, we have HERDS of horses, and they are very beautiful.”

Sammy Hagar tells the Orange County Weekly Magazine that he has no plans to retire. ”Everything I’m doing is really because it’s fun, and it does keep me alive. It’s things I want to do. I think that if I stopped and tried to retire and slow down, number one, I would be bored to death. My wife would probably kick me out of the house, and we’d probably have to live in separate houses. When I’m busy, I’m the best, and my energy stays up and I don’t start getting insecure and thinking about other things, and then I don’t start daydreaming. I’m a real daydreaming, creative person, and if you give me five minutes off, I’ll start a new damn business.”

Sammy Hagar tells OC Weekly that he is open to a Van Halen reunion. “If there was ever going to be one reunion — I’d say, you’ve got one more shot, one more; you’re going to put the guys together — it would be Van Halen. Not for a tour; not to make a record; not to go on and on and on, because I don’t think we’re there. I don’t think I can be in the same head space as those guys personally. We’re in different head spaces, so I don’t think we could create well together, but just one time for the good time? Van Halen, number one, hands down.”

Jimmy Page tells Crown Publishing what inspired him to pick up the guitar. “Like many young people of the era, I loved the guitar-driven rockabilly of Elvis and Gene Vincent. It’s amazing to me now the guitar parts were so subdued, but I was so engrossed that they seemed very loud right up there. I just used to listen to my music, and in my mind, I would go back through the cone of the speaker into a world of my own. I would pretend that I was sitting in the studio with these artists and engineers and we’d study the echo and how the music was created.”

Stevie Nicks tells Rolling Stone magazine that she remembers the first time she got heckled. “Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick. That was the beginning. I met Lindsey in 1966. Two years later, I joined his band. That was it. That was San Francisco music, Janis, Jimi Hendrix, Buffalo Springfield. Our band, the band I was in with Lindsey, we opened for that huge group, with Bill Graham standing on the side of the stage. That night was the only time in my life I was heckled. Some guy out in the audience went, ‘Hey baby. What are you doing later? You want to come home with me?’ Bill Graham walked out on the stage and screamed at this guy and told him to get out and never come back.”

The San Antonio Current claims Jeff Beck was recently performing in San Antonio when Johnny Depp joined him on stage for a jam session. Jack was wearing a paperboy hat as he sung

Rolling Stone magazine says Steven Van Zandt has canceled most of his tour dates because he is sick. He posted, “I thought I could shake this sinusitis, but it doesn’t seem to be going away. I’ve never canceled shows before. I feel terrible about this, but my doctors are telling me there’s just no way to continue right now.”


Elton John recently dedicated his song ”Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” to Ric Ocasek and Eddie Money. He told fans, “On Friday I dedicated this song to Eddie Money who had passed away. And tonight I have another sad dedication to make because Ric Ocasek from The Cars passed away today. The Cars were one of the greatest bands that ever came out of America. So original. He was an amazing songwriter, singer, producer, whatever. To family and his loved ones I send my condolences and to him thank you for all the wonderful music you gave me and all the pleasure you gave everybody”.

David Lee Roth tells WNNX that his Las Vegas residency show includes more than just singing. “I am Las Vegas. I include hard rock. I include classic rock. I include rodeo. I include Gaga. I include mud wrestling. I include UFC, mixed martial arts.”

Paul McCartney tells the Daily Star that he doesn’t own any Beatles records.  “I often think I should have kept a copy of everything we put out but I didn’t. Too busy living it.”

Blabbermouth claims Sammy Hagar is selling his 1970 Chevy El Camino. He is taking bids at The car also comes with a signed Sammy Hagar guitar, a metal print of Sammy and a bottle of his rum. The minimum bid is $55,000

Lenny Kravitz is asking fans to help him find his lost sunglasses. He posted, “I’m missing this pair of sunglasses after my show in LA at the Shrine this weekend,” the musician wrote. “They are incredibly sentimental to me, they are vintage and they belonged to a family member. Hoping to get them back, no questions asked. Any information please email”

Live for Live Music claims the Red Hot Chili Peppers recently honored the late Ric Ocasek by covering The Cars’ “Just What I Needed”

Ozzy Osbourne tells Alternative Nation that he was in awe the first time he met Paul McCartney.  “When I met Paul McCartney, I couldn’t believe it. I would do a thing on a TV show, my wife and I and the kids, and he was on the show, and I said to Sharon, ‘Alright Sharon, did you ever think that you would be standing on the same stage as Paul McCartney?’, and she was just, like, ‘Wow.’”

Sammy Hagar tells OC Weekly that he has been a beach bum since high school. “We used to ditch school and go to the beach—Laguna, Huntington. I’ve always been a beach nut. I just feel like if I can see the ocean, I’m happy, and if I can be walking on it, I’m even happier. It’s just a perfect life. It sounds like I’m bragging, but I’m not. I’ve found it: I get to live at the beach, I make tequila [and] rum, [and] I own restaurants and bars. I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful family. I don’t have anything to complain about.”

Jimmy Page tells Uncut magazine that Led Zeppelin is the best rock band ever. “I’m not talking about record sales or concert attendance, although I think we can hold our own with anyone. What I mean is: when you talk about a band as a collaborative musical unit, we were the best. I am not talking about one or two genius songwriters, and everyone else tagging along. I am talking about a collection of musicians who are each at the top of their craft in their own right. In Led Zeppelin, we were exactly that. There’s a lot of absolutely fantastic music out there made by lots of different artists. But when you are talking about rock ‘n’ roll alchemy, I had to say what I thought. We were the best.”

Meatloaf tells Rolling Stone magazine that he’s a ‘crier.’ Oh, I cry all the time. I mean, I’ll even cry about dog commercials. It’s stupid.”

Don Henley tells Rolling Stone magazine that The Eagles weren’t shooting for perfection when they wrote their songs. “Rather than perfectionism, I like to refer to it as craftsmanship. Songwriting and recording are an art, but they are also a craft. And that’s what we strived for.”

News 12 claims Billy Joel recently became the first inductee into Fenway Park’s new Music Hall of Fame. He has played six concerts there

TMZ says Eddie Money and his wife, Laurie, renewed their vows in February in the San Fernando Valley. They kept the ceremony a secret and only invited their immediate family.

Jimmy Page tells the website that his guitar playing with Led Zeppelin was ahead of its time. “I’d like to think that it was, because the first album, I sort of knew, as we were doing the tracks, exactly how I was going to layer everything and the textures of them…. There’s a variety of moods on ‘Led Zeppelin I.’ So, again, it was me challenging and pushing as far as I possibly could, not even thinking of my limitations, just going beyond, beyond, beyond.”

Heart lead singer Ann Wilson tells Yahoo News that ‘Rock’ is NOT dead. “You know, I’ve been in rock bands since 1971. And from the very beginning back then, people were going, ‘Oh, rock is dead. Now it’s going to be disco. Now it’s going to be this, now it’s going to be something else.’ And rock always percolates along underneath. On a certain level, it lives. It’s not always the biggest commercial success; it isn’t always riding in the top five of the Billboard charts or whatever. But it’s definitely a genre that has its own life and doesn’t just go away. … I think rock is a life force.”

Billy Joel tells Pollstar that he is amazed by Bruce Springsteen’s work ethic. “I admire that about Bruce because he’s got a work ethic that just kills me. He’ll work on a song 50 ways from Sunday, and he’ll rehearse it and arrange it and work on it and work on it. He can do that. I’ve rehearsed with him. He likes to rehearse! I hate to rehearse. I say, “Just give me the chorus and throw me on stage, let me just do it.” He’d go, “Well, let’s just rehearse it again.” I said, “Nah, nah, nah I got it, I got it.” And I didn’t have it. I’m just sick of rehearsing.”