10 “Social Norms” That Make “No Sense” When You Think About Them

Someone went on social media and asked, “What are some ‘social norms’ that are pretty weird if you think about it?”

The things that have become so engrained that most of us just do them without thinking . . . but if you DO think about it, it doesn’t make much sense.  Like blowing out candles on a cake when it’s your birthday.

The topic went viral, and here are a few of the internet’s best responses:

1.  “Paying tens of thousands of dollars to bury corpses in the ground.”

A lot of people mentioned the huge costs of ceremonial things like funerals and weddings, which weren’t always MEANT to be debt-inducing.  Others brought up gender-reveal parties . . . but that’s a whole other level.

2.  “Balloons.  Here’s a plastic sack of my breath.  Happy birthday.”

3.  “Ties being the standard for business attire.”

4.  “All the random ‘rules’ about texting people.  Texting is supposed to be a way to talk to people and they can respond at their own convenience.”

5.  “Cards.  Giving Hallmark money in exchange for a piece of paper that someone’s going to look at for about 10 seconds . . . and then forget about.”

6.  “Clapping.  Showing appreciation by smacking our hands together to make a noise.”

7.  “Buying litter.  We buy special dirt for our cat to poop in?”

8.  “Acknowledging other people’s sneezes.”

9.  “Using a customer service voice that sounds nothing like your actual voice.”

10.  “Purses.  They’re useful.  Why are men afraid to carry one of their own?”



Tejay Schwartz

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