Pizza Hut Is Selling Its Classic Red Cups From the ’90s

Remember those red plastic cups Pizza Hut used to have?  Well, they must have realized we’ll open our wallets for nostalgia . . . because they just started selling them in four-packs.

 They hit yesterday for $10 and immediately sold out.  But you can sign up for email alerts to find out when they have more.  Some people might not get their full nostalgia fix though.  Because depending on your age and where you lived, they might not be the cups you’re thinking of.

 They had two versions:  One with textured ridges on the outside, and one that was more flat.  They’re selling the flatter version. 

I hope these are new and not the actual cups fro the 90’s 🙂  – Tejay 

Tejay Schwartz

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