Clock Confusion

The clocks change again this weekend, and efforts to kill off daylight saving time are nearly as old as the time shift itself. And many of the commonly offered rationales for daylight saving time (Yes saving not savings) no longer hold true.

 For instance, one reason Congress used in enacting daylight saving time is that it saves energy.  A 2008 US Department of Energy study reported that daylight saving time reduces annual energy use by only about 0.03%. And a study that same year from the University of California-Santa Barbara found it might even

Lawmakers in Florida are tired of the whole “fall back” and “spring forward” rigamarole. So they’ve approved a bill to keep Daylight Saving Time going throughout the year in their state. It took the state Senate less than a minute Tuesday to pass the “Sunshine Protection Act” There were only two dissenters. The bill now goes to the desk of Gov. Rick Scott.

So why get rid of the clock changes?

Well A study by Careerbuilder reveals that the daylight saving time switch costs the US economy $434 million a year in lost productivity and increases in worker injuries.

Also a survey by the Better Sleep Council reveals that 50% of parents say Daylight Saving Time negatively affects their children.  Parents say it’s more difficult to get their children to go to sleep after a time change. 31% of parents say it takes 6 days or more to get their kids back into their regular sleep pattern.

That’s not all:

 – The Monday after we spring ahead for Daylight Saving Time is the worst Monday of the year for accidents. Observing Daylight Saving Time year-round would prevent 195 motor vehicle deaths and 171 pedestrian fatalities. Arizona, Hawaii, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands don’t observe daylight saving time.

 – A study by the University of Turku in Finland reveals that the risk of a stroke is 8% higher during the first two days following a time change.

 – A survey by Bon Matin Bread reveals that 31% of people lack energy  and  13% of people get irritable when Daylight Saving Time occurs.

 The question then becomes, why do we still do?

Whatever the case is, – Fire Prevention experts say people should use the start of daylight saving time to change the batteries in their smoke alarms this Sunday.

Keep Rockin’ – Tejay

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