Pepsi is launching a new flavor

Just days after we got word about Coca-Cola Starlight, we’re hearing about a new indescribable drink — Nitro Pepsi, the first-ever nitrogen-infused cola to hit the market.

Available nationwide beginning on March 28, Nitro Pepsi is “softer than a soft drink,” the brand said in a release, explaining “it is creamy and smooth, with a mesmerizing cascade of tiny bubbles topped off by a frothy foam head.”

“Nitro Pepsi will have you reconsider what you know about cola,” they added, noting that “a unique widget placed at the bottom of every can” — the same often seen in beer and coffee products — helps give the cola a frothy, foamy texture.

Because of that, Nitro Pepsi is not meant to be consumed like traditional sodas, either. It’s best served cold, hand-poured into a tall glass (ideally without ice) and sipped directly from the glass, rather than through a straw.

It comes in two flavors: Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola, both for sale in single-serve and 4-pack varieties.

Tejay Schwartz

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