Picture coming into the office after a long weekend, and you look at your phone only to find that your voicemail is positively bursting. Overwhelmed yet?

Don’t be. September 6 is officially a day notorious for surprisingly, more phone calls than usual. Making itself heard just after Labor Day, Telephone Tuesday is a trendy holiday created based on a clear spike in telephone calls to businesses and organization. The high number of calls usually flood in partly due to unmanned telephones during the long weekend.

Makes sense, right?

Then comes the many schools which open after Labor Day weekend, blended with the holiday season fast approaching. In addition, it’s been uncovered that organized folks attempt to tackle their to do lists on this day too and so inbound calls rise up to 50% on the day.

These consumers are concerned about setting up arrangements pivotal to their lives and making purchases, and so a phone call to them, means assurance.

Telephone Tuesday is now known as a powerful business tool and the telephone is known as a great instrument for trade.

Very close to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this day is caught amongst the madness of the busy season.



Tejay Schwartz

Morning Drive Jock at GM Broadcasting / 102.5 The Vault. -- I was born in Denmark and moved to the US with my family when I was 3. I grew up in Upstate NY and have lived here since. I graduated from JC High school and Sullivan County Community. I'm working The 102.5 The Vault Morning Show as well as traffic (scheduling commercials).