I came across this interesting article in Cosmo .. Apparently, eating fast food puts you in a BAD MOOD . . . at least according to an author named Rachel Kelly who wrote a new book called “The Happiness Diet”.

She says that it’s because of all the trans fats in fast food, especially the fries.  They mess with the levels of omega-3 fatty acids in your body, which can lead to you being pessimistic, aggressive, and depressed.

Fast food isn’t the only food that she says will bum you out . . . basically EVERYTHING that tastes good will.

Some of the other foods that she says will put you in a bad mood are:  

*Diet soda 

*Sugary cereal 

*Prepackaged donuts 

*Shortening and margarine 

*Salty snacks 

*Canned food. 

What do you think? I could cut out a FEW of those, but diet soda, fast food and salty snacks? i don’t know about those ….

Keep Rockin’ – Tejay


Tejay Schwartz

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