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18% of People Are “Not Sure” If They’re Celebrating the Fourth of July

Even though the Fourth of July is on a Tuesday this year, the festivities basically start TODAY.  But some people still don’t know if they’re doing anything special for Independence Day.

In a poll, 56% of people say they are celebrating the Fourth of July this year . . . 26% say they are NOT . . . and 18% are “not sure.”  Women are more likely than men to be undecided . . . and people 45 and older are more likely to say they’re NOT celebrating this year.

In another poll, 48% of people say they ARE planning to see fireworks over the next week.  31% are not . . . and 21% aren’t sure.  And again, it’s people 45 and older who are less into fireworks.

A third question asked people “how patriotic” they consider themselves to be . . . and 34% said “very patriotic” . . . 36% said “somewhat” . . . 13% said “not very” . . . and 9% are not at all patriotic.

In this case, older folks are MUCH more likely to say they’re patriotic.  More than 25% of adults 44 and younger are not very patriotic, or not at all.  But only 10% of adults 65 and older said that.



Tejay Schwartz

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