Every year, children fill the streets, excitedly running from one house to the next in search of Halloween candy. The Sheriff’s Office wishes to increase the emphasis safety, and we are encouraging trick-or-treaters to have a “head’s up Halloween.”

• Be sure to cross streets at marked crosswalks only
• Parents – walk with children that are trick-or-treating to ensure safety, especially while crossing the street
• Drivers – expect more pedestrians and children than usual and exercise caution at intersections
• Watch for children darting into the street
• Stay in well-lit areas and avoid wearing masks so you can remain aware of your surroundings
• Wear a “safe costume,” avoiding extra material that can cause you to fall or props that can injure yourself or others

Here are some tips for young children and adults, for safe partying on October 31.
H – Hold a flashlight while trick-or-treating to help you see and others to see you.
A – Avoid trick-or-treating alone. Walk with a group.
P– Party safely. Don’t drink and drive. Get a ride home from a sober friend or a taxi.
P – Prepare for chilly weather while trick-or-treating by wearing warm clothing.
Y – Yellow. Wear clothing that’s easy to see at night while trick-or-treating, like yellow or something light-colored or reflective.

H – Have a cellphone with you while trick-or-treating, in case of emergency.
A – Always keep a safe distance from candles or other fire sources. Dress in fireproof costumes or treated with a fire retardant.
L – Look both ways before crossing any streets, especially if trick-or-treating at night.
L – Location. Know where you’ve parked or walked to avoid getting lost, especially if in an unfamiliar neighborhood. If your kids are going alone, know their route before they leave. Have them check in regularly by phone and give their current location.
O – Obey all laws, good manners, and curfews.
W – Walk on sidewalks, wherever available. To avoid traffic accidents, do not run from house to house or dash into the street.
E – Eat only factory-wrapped treats from people you know and trust.
E – Examine all treats for tampering, choking hazards and allergens.
N – Never enter a stranger’s home or vehicle while trick-or-treating. Teach kids not to engage strangers if they go trick-or-treating alone.

Have an enjoyable time celebrating Halloween but remember to still be cautious of your surroundings. If you see something, say something. Partner to prevent or report crime by contacting 911.



Tejay Schwartz

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