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A Dating Poll Found It’s a Great Time to Be a Short, Bald Guy

If you’re a short guy who’s losing his hair, congratulations . . . you’ve got the total package. A new poll from found it’s a great time to be short, bald, and single.

A third of people currently looking for a man said that being bald and under 5-foot-7 would have NO IMPACT on their decision to date them.

36% also said they’d feel more comfortable making the first move on a guy who’s short, or missing some hair up top. So you might not even have to do anything . . . just stand by the bar and put out the vibe.

This last stat seems a little backhanded though: According to the poll, one benefit of dating a guy who’s short and bald is he probably won’t CHEAT on you.

72% said they’d be less worried their man would cheat if he was short, bald, or seen as the less-attractive one in the relationship.

Overall though, 63% of singles said personality is more important to them than looks.


Tejay Schwartz

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