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A Man Is Trying to Collect 1 Million Copies of “Titanic” on VHS

 If you collected VHS tapes, chances are you had a copy of “Titanic”.  It was one of the top-selling tapes, with more than 25 MILLION in circulation.  (If “in a box in the basement” counts as “in circulation.”)

There’s a guy in Florida named “J.D.,” who says he’s trying to collect 1 million copies of “Titanic” on VHS . . . or around 1-in-25 copies that have existed.

He has 2,477 copies already, so he’s got a long way to go.  He playfully jokes around about his fandom . . . but the dedication is REAL.

He’s spent a few years collecting already, and “Titanic” was a DOUBLE VHS, meaning this is taking up serious space in his house.

And he claims he already has the world’s largest collection of the “Titanic” soundtrack on CD.

Obviously, he won’t get to 1 million by hitting up thrift shops.  He needs YOUR help.  He’s asking people to donate their spare copies to him, by mailing them to him.  You’ll have to cover the shipping.  (If you’re interested in participating in this madness, the address is “P.O. Box 5355, Largo, Florida, 33779.”)



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