A New Bluetooth Mouthpiece Straps to Your Face and Muffles Your Voice for Loud Phone Calls in Public

I hope these catch on, because they look funny and I want to laugh at people. But are loud phone talkers too oblivious to CARE they’re rude?

A company in Japan has a new Bluetooth mouthpiece that straps to your face . . . over and around your mouth . . . and muffles your voice for phone calls in public.

It’s called the “Mutalk” . . . like a mash-up of “mute” and “talk.” And it’s for loud talkers who can’t keep their voice down when they make calls.

They’re pretty bulky and kind of look like a VR headset for your mouth. It takes a big elastic strap to keep it in place if you want to use it hands-free.

When it’s on your face, it creates an air pressure pocket that prevents sound from escaping through the air hole.

They say it lowers the volume of your voice by 20 decibels, or 30 for REALLY loud talkers. So even someone right next to you can’t make out what you’re saying.

They’re not available yet, but should start shipping in November or December and cost around $140.



Tejay Schwartz

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