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A Study Found Men Really Are Better with Directions

Here’s a study that I’m sure won’t cause any controversy . . .

Researchers at the University of Illinois say the old stereotype that men are better at navigating might actually be TRUE.  But not for the reasons you might think.

They had men and women try to navigate their way through a city using only a map, or verbal instructions.  And the guys performed significantly better than the women did.

Experts used to think maybe men evolved to be better navigators by doing more hunting and gathering.  But a study over a decade ago disproved that idea.

So why would men be better at finding their way around than women?  They think it’s because men get more practice at it, especially when they’re young.

Society encourages boys to play outside more than girls.  So they might develop more of those navigational skills at a young age, and have more time to hone them throughout their life.

It’s also just a trend they saw, not a hard-and-fast rule.  There are plenty of women who are great navigators, and plenty of men who suck at it.

A previous study looked at the spatial awareness skills of men and women who had similar upbringings.  And when that was the case, women were just as good at navigating as men were.

(Source New Scientist / NY Post / Royal Society)


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