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Thanksgiving is only days away, and I can’t wait. It is probably my favorite meal of the year. The combination of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing is just so good.

As usual I will enjoy my day with my sister and her family. My Brother-in-law is the best chief I know. But more than that, it’s so nice to spend time with family.

 But getting back to the food, I can’t help myself, if you need to spice up your Thanksgiving this year, Reynolds (as in Reynolds wrap) has a recipe where your crush up Hot Cheetos in a food processor, then coat your bird with them … over a layer of butter, of course.

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place hot puffed cheese sticks in a food processor and process until fully crushed. You can also add to a zip top bag and roll with a rolling pin until sticks are completely crushed.
  3. Brush oil or butter on turkey and coat with the crushed chips
  4. Add 1 tsp of flour to the Reynolds® Oven Bag and place in a large roasting pan that is at least 2 inches deep
  5. Carefully slide turkey into the oven bag, making sure the opening of the bag is facing the end of the roasting pan, and not facing up. The bag should be inside the pan, not hanging over the edges of the pan.
  6. Close oven bag with the included nylon tie, and cut six 1/2 inch slits in the top of the bag
  7. When your turkey reaches an internal temperature of 180°F in thickest part of the thigh, not touching the bone, remove from oven and let stand in oven bag for another 15 minutes. Cut open the top of the bag and carefully remove turkey from the bag, and place onto a cutting board. Lifting works well by inserting one carving fork into each end of the turkey.


I don’t know if I can get my brother-in-law to try this, or my sister to eat it. But it sounds good to me.

 Keep Rockin’ – Tejay


Tejay Schwartz

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