Grapes could prevent a heart attack by cleaning up your cholesterol

The latest food that might help your heart? Grapes. A new study from UCLA found that just four weeks of eating 40 grapes a day led to significant health boosts among people who rarely eat fruit and vegetables.

The people in the study had almost 8% less “bad” cholesterol and bile acids fell by more than 40%. And there was an increase in bacteria that burns up sugar and cholesterol and strengthens the lining of the intestines. Does wine count?

Previous research has linked eating grapes with combating cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and boosting libido.

“Grapes provide a rich source of polyphenols and fibers,” researchers write in the journal Nutrients.

Cardiovascular disease kills an estimated 17 million people across the world each year, accounting for a third of all deaths.



Tejay Schwartz

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