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Have You Heard About the “Six-to-One” Grocery Shopping Method?

A chef on TikTok is going viral for his grocery shopping “hack.”

His name is Will Coleman, and earlier this month his “six-to-one” grocery shopping method went viral.  (Sometimes it’s also called the five-four-three-two-one method.)

The idea is that when you’re making your grocery shopping list, or you’re at the grocery store, you should aim to get six vegetables, five fruits, four proteins, three starches, two sauces or spreads, and one fun thing for yourself.

It’s supposed to make grocery shopping easier and faster, help save you money, and it challenges you to make more homecooked meals with a variety of ingredients. 

And he says the method works regardless of your family size or whether you’re on a special diet like keto . . . you can adapt it to your needs. 

(Source People)


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