It’s always fun to see someone from your home town win on a national game show .. It happened this past Monday (1/6) when Tom Docalavich from Kirkwood won big on The Price Is Right ….

Acording to WBNG, Tom made his way to the big stage after betting $1,801 as the price of two laptops. He narrowly scored the closest bet,with his competitor bidding $1,800. He then went on to play Plinko, and eventually made it to the big showcase round …

Tom placed a bet of $26,500 on a outdoor tent, fire pit, furniture, and a brand new car. It turned out he was less than $250 off and won both showcases, the 2nd being trips to Finland, Jamaica, and a second brand new car.

“Everything, I won everything. I was hugging the models,” said Docalavich, adding that he heard how much to guess from a family member that had passed away.

Tom and his family took home nearly $70,000 in prizes.

Congrats Tom 🙂

See Tom Win: