Are you happy with your job? I guess I am very lucky. I decided at a very young age, maybe 9 or 10, that radio is what I wanted to do. Oh yah, I thought about being a police officer and astronaut too, but once I realized I was afraid of heights, that was out.. But once I heard a DJ who called himself “Big Ange” on WINR (where I ended up getting my first radio job soooo many years later) I knew that’s what I wanted to do. It’s been a pleasure and honor to be able to do this all these years.

 However a new survey by the job site CV Library reveals that 40% of professionals are unhappy with their current job. With 97% of these workers looking for a new gig.

 Other findings:

– 42% of people are bored by their job

– 26% of people say their job makes them sad

– 69% of people have had a job that has made them miserable


And what industries have the lowest job satisfaction? Marketing was #1 with 57.1%, Legal work was #2 with 54.5%, The hospitality field came in at #3 at 53.3%, Accounting and IT tied at #4 with 50% …

Sometimes it not the profession, but where you end up getting the job that can sour your experience. Hopefully you are enjoying what you do, each and every day.



Keep Rockin’ – Tejay