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Miller Lite Wants You to Put Ice in Your Beer This Summer

It’s officially summer, and the heat waves are on the way . . . unless you’re in Texas, where they’ve already arrived.

Miller Lite wants to make sure that your beer stays cold this summer, so they’re encouraging people to put ICE in their brew.

That’s a no-no for a lot of people . . . because ice can water a beer down.  (Though, if you enjoy drinking Miller Lite, you might not mind.)

Miller Lite has a solution:  They’re selling “beer cube trays” online for $8.  You pour beer into the silicone tray, toss it in the freezer, and you’ll end up with 24 mini beer cubes, which are actually shaped like mini cans of Miller Lite.

These cubes are small enough to fit inside a bottle or can, which is key.  If you used a standard ice tray, you’d have to drink your iced beer out of a pint glass . . . and your friends would probably notice AND judge you for it.

Check them out at

(Another benefit to the smaller cubes is that beer doesn’t freeze well in larger cubes . . . it’s usually more like frozen snow than rock hard ice.  It looks like it works better in smaller forms.)

Tejay Schwartz

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