Move Over Barbie …. All the Other Toy Movies Mattel Is Working On

You thought “Barbie” was a one-and-done?  Oh, no . . . Mattel has a TON of toy-based movies in the works as we speak.  Buzzfeed rounded them all up . . . and made POSTERS for them.  They include:

1.  “Barney”

2.  “Polly Pocket”. . . Written and directed by Lena Dunham, starring Lily Collins.

3.  “Hot Wheels”

4.  “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots”

5.  “American Girl”

6.  “Magic 8 Ball”. . . from the writer of “Cocaine Bear”.

7.  “Masters of the Universe”

8.  “Major Matt Mason”. . . This is an old astronaut toy from the ’60s.  Tom Hanks is starring.

9.  “Uno”

10.  “View-Master”

11.  “Matchbox”

12.  “Thomas and Friends”


Tejay Schwartz

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