The guitar that Neal Schon used to record Journey’s 1981 hit ”Don’t Stop Believin” has been auctioned off for $250,000. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay purchased the guitar 

Lindsey Buckingham tells the WTF podcast that many people want him to rejoin Fleetwood Mac. “We love each other and we reinforced each others sensibilities in the band. It’s my sense that pretty much everyone would love to see me come back. Doable”. 

Billboard magazine says ZZ Top recently played their first concert without Dusty Hill. The band’s guitar tech, Elwood Francis, filled in for Hill during the Tuscaloosa, Alabama show.

Sammy Hagar tells Rolling Stone magazine that he almost joined Aerosmith. “The Aerosmith hint … came around that time when Joe Perry tried to get me to join that band, and the management asked me to go to South America and try it out. I almost did it. I think if I would have done both those things, I would have been the guy that replaced the guy. You know, always the guy replacing the guy, and that’s a strange legacy for a guy like me, you know what I mean?”

Billy Joel tells Rolling Stone magazine that people think he’s his children’s grandfather instead of their father. “The difference now is that people think I’m my kid’s grandfather. I take her to school and one of the other parents will go, “Oh, your granddaughter’s so cute.” I just say, “OK, thank you.” It’s not that different. I still love being a dad. I didn’t know that I would be a father again at this age, but I’m glad I am. They keep you young.”

Elton John tells CBS that his children are the most important things in his life. “If you can leave this earth having raised your children well and they’re happy, that’s the greatest thing you can achieve. Forget your work. Forget your talent or anything.”

Jon Bon Jovi tells Rolling Stone magazine that he’s been listening to a lot of different music during the pandemic. “Generationally speaking, Harry Styles is the real deal. He’s really great. Taylor Swift is going to be here for as long as she chooses to be. She’s growing as a person. She’s growing as an artist. The Chicks record! I’m so happy to see them back. I’m still always a fan of the Killers. There’s a lot of things, new and old, that are working for me.”

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons tells The Washington Post newspaper that he doesn’t like acoustic guitars. “Yes, I’ve said, don’t bring an acoustic around here. That’s bad luck to me. If you had your choice between a sailboat and a power craft, which would you choose? Let’s get on and put the pedal to the metal.”

Former Styx star Dennis DeYoung tells Louder Sound magazine that he has no plans to retire. ”I’m not retiring. And if the spirit moves me I might write a song from time to time and put it out through Apple or whoever the local robber baron is. But I’m not going to go through the tortuous effort of making a complete album again, because my audience will go: “Hey, that’s nice, Dennis,” pat me on the head and then say: “Please play Come Sail Away.” 

Sting tells AARP magazine that he can’t live without music. “I’m lucky I make a living at something I would do for nothing. I can’t imagine life without music, without singing, without songwriting. Whether other people want to witness it or pay money to see me is another matter. I need it.”

KISS star Gene Simmons tells Forbes magazine that the band’s makeup would mean nothing if they didn’t have great songs. “People keep pointing to the sizzle and it’s okay with us, but when we started, we didn’t even have a name for the band. We started writing songs … what we did in the beginning, we did right. We happened to fall into this makeup thing. There was no grand design. We just said, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we did this?’ The logo … we still use today. The smartest thing that our manager did at the beginning was trademark everything right at the outset … did we come up with the idea to trademark or copyright the makeup? No. But we’ve had a keen eye to surround ourselves with people, who enable us and help us achieve the goals that we want.”

Lindsey Buckingham tells the WTF podcast that him being fired from Fleetwood Mac harmed the band’s legacy. Nicks just didn’t want to work with me anymore. And other people [in the group] were perhaps not feeling empowered enough to stand up for me when possibly they should have or could have. I ’m not saying that I can’t be hard to get along with sometimes, but if you put it in a larger context of all the things that Fleetwood Mac has been through and what we’ve risen above in order to keep our eye on the larger picture and in order to fulfil our destiny over and over again…What was most disappointing about it to me was not, ‘Oh, I’m not gonna get to do this tour’. What it was [is] again, we spent 43 years building this legacy which was about rising above things – it stood for more than the music. And by allowing this to happen through some levels of weakness – my own weakness included – I think we did some harm to that legacy. And that’s a shame.”

U2’s Adam Clayton tells The Rockonteurs podcast  that the band is recording again. “We’ve been recording acoustic versions of some of our catalogue in different keys, at different tempos as a challenge. We have ambitions once we can see a reason to put out another record. Bono is working on an autobiography.”

Steven Tyler tells Rolling Stone magazine that he comes from a musical family. “My father played the piano. He went to Juilliard, and he played at Carnegie Hall as a young virtuoso. My father’s grandfather Giovanni Tallarico played the cello, classical music. And he did the same thing we do. He got on a train and toured. I’ve been in these hotels in Cincinnati where he played in the lobby.”.

Pat Benatar tells that one of her biggest thrills in the entertainment business was meeting Robert Plant. “It was a show that we did in London. Robert Plant was there and he came backstage, we hung out, we talked, it was really fun. I’ll never forget that night. ”

Rush’s Geddy Lee tells Far Out Magazine that Motown music was an inspiration to him. “I was exposed to a lot of Motown music. There were all these great songs that were subconsciously influencing me in a strange way. If you listen to the music of Rush, where do you come to James Jamerson and Motown music? [Laughs] But nonetheless, all the early bands I played in, we played all these great Motown songs, because that’s what was going on.”

Sammy Hagar tells Rolling Stone magazine that the pandemic hasn’t inspired him to do any of his own housework. “I’m the chef. I don’t mind doing the cooking … but we let the gardeners come. They wear masks and we don’t go outside while they’re here. We don’t have a housekeeper come into the house, that’s for sure. But we have a couple of homes. I hate to say that, because in these times, I don’t want to say that I’m anywhere near wealthy since it’s not a fashionable thing. But when we leave our house to drive to the other one, our housekeeper comes into the house and sterilizes everything, wears a mask. When we go back to the house, it’s all clean and nice.”

Ringo Starr tells Rolling Stone magazine that he still considers Paul McCartney to be a great friend. “We’re good pals. If he’s in town, he comes, and if I’m making a record, I usually keep a track for him. He’s still the most brilliant bass player in my life. There’s a lot of really good players out there, but I don’t know any that are as melodic as him, and he understands it right away. When we were in the band together, we did have to have a few little talks, like the bass player and drummer, so we wouldn’t step on each other. But if we stepped on each other twice, that was a lot.”

John Fogerty tells American Songwriter magazine that writing songs is still difficult for him. “There are instances where I’m writing songs and I hit difficulty because it’s hard and never easy. There’s one song I’ve been working on … but it took a long time. It took months. I kept telling myself that this song deserves better, I can make this better. I need more time. It was unclear, but I sensed it. It was inside me somewhere, but I had to go find it. Some songs pop out, and there they are. This song was hard to express and hard to get into a form that made sense to me. But once it came out, I was very proud of it and very secure in my position, you might say. I’m the marshal, and I have to face down the difficulty. I do it on the way to getting it, to finally have that pedigree or my own seal of approval. There were many weeks when I felt it was kind of lame, it wasn’t done, it’s smooth and vague. It’s a cool idea, a cool thing, but it isn’t finished.”

Ozzy Osbourne tells that he doesn’t understand why people get facial tattoos. “I’m seeing more and more young people with tattoos all over their faces. I don’t understand it. I would never do that. Anything above the collar should be stopped. To be honest, it makes you look dirty.”

Contact Music says U2 has given Bono permission to launch his solo career. They quote Adam Clayton as saying,  “If Bono wanted to go off and do a solo record, I would encourage him and certainly everyone else would.”

Mick Jagger tells Esquire magazine that Keith Richards does most of the songwriting for the band. “Honestly, Keith makes most of the songs. I just help him. He’s the creative one of the group. (Laughs). ”

Queen’s Brian May tells that he feels the guitar is the most expressive instrument you can play. “I don’t know if it’s true with any other instrument, but it seems to me that the guitar is perhaps the most expressive instrument because anyone can pick it up and make some kind of noise which affects people.”

Radar Online says John Mellencamp’s daughter, Teddi Jo, is okay after suffering from vertigo. Her daughter called for her at 4 AM. Teddi says,  “I jumped up at mock speed and sprinted in there. By time I got to her room, my eyes went black and I fainted and busted open my cheek and lip. Luckily all was good with Slate and something worse didn’t happen to me,” she wrote, “that being said, I can’t go onto Webmd because it’s sends me spiraling so any tips appreciated.”

Steven Van Zandt tells the Times newspaper that the relationship his Sopranos character had with Tony Soprano was inspired by his real life relationship with Bruce Springsteen. “I could certainly draw on my relationship with Bruce. Part of the obligation of being a best friend is that sometimes you have to bring the bad news, to express an opinion that they’re not going to like. With success like Bruce had in the Eighties, you cannot help but lose perspective. You start thinking you’re a genius, the greatest thing in the world, and who’s gonna argue with you? The mindset is: did you just sell 20 million albums? I was the only guy who wasn’t scared of Bruce, so I could tell him what I thought.” 

Mick Fleetwood tells Rolling Stone magazine that he hopes all of his bandmates will reconcile at some point. “Fleetwood Mac is such a strange story. All the players in the play are able to talk and speak for themselves. Somehow, I would love the elements that are not healed to be healed. I love the fantasy that we could cross that bridge and everyone could leave with creative, holistic energy, and everyone could be healed with grace and dignity.”

Pete Townshend tells Far Out magazine that he thought the Beatles’ backing tracks were lousy. “This afternoon, John Entwistle and I were listening to a stereo LP of The Beatles — in which the voices come out of the one side, and the backing track comes out of the other. When you actually hear the backing tracks of The Beatles without their voices, they’re lousy.”

Bruce Springsteen tells that he sometimes still feels shy when up on stage. “When I was young, you know, I was very shy. And that was my personality. You know, I was a pretty sensitive kid and quite neurotic, filled with a lot of anxiety. And honestly, I still feel that way when I’m up onstage sometimes. Like I’ll freeze when that crowd starts cheering and I won’t unfreeze until the music starts.”

Deadline Hollywood says Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington is recovering from emergency heart surgery. The band posted: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Gary Rossington as he recovers from emergency heart surgery. Gary is home resting and recovering with his family at home. He wants everyone to know he is doing good and expects a full recovery”

Don Henley tells ABC that ‘Hotel California’ almost had a different name. “Hotel California” was originally going to be titled “Mexican Reggae.” I honestly can’t remember why at this point. How different would our history be if we had actually gone with “Mexican Reggae” as the title?”.

Roger Daltrey tells The Times newspaper that his family expanded in the 90s due to his partying. “When three daughters arrived on my doorstep [unexpectedly in the ’90s, the products of relationships with women in the ’60s], I accepted them and I love them very much. I am very lucky. I wouldn’t have been a good father when I was on the road. There’s no point in wishing that I could have. I couldn’t. In the early days there were lots of parties, booze, and relationships. We had no money, so we were sharing rooms and it was chaos.”

Nikki Sixx tells Rolling Stone magazine that people, who push the envelope are the true rockstars. “I think whoever’s got the [guts] to stand up and not be vanilla is the rockstar, right? That’s what rock’n’roll is all about, not conforming. I hate vanilla music, can’t stand when artists conform for financial reasons. So anytime you have an artist, I don’t care what genre it is, that’s pushing the envelope, I find it really exciting because they’re taking a chance.”

The NY Daily News says Eric Clapton will not play any concert venues that require vaccinations for entry. He released a statement saying, “Following the PM’s announcement on Monday the 19th of July 2021 I feel honour bound to make an announcement of my own: I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present,” Clapton said in a statement posted to his friend Robin Monotti’s Telegram account. “Unless there is provision made for all people to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show. Eric Clapton.” 

Clapton also said his vaccine made him sick. “The reactions were disastrous. My hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks, I feared I would never play again.” 

Tone Deaf says AC/DC is launching their own kiddie clothing line. They are selling T-shirts, onesies and hoodies with their logo.

Paul McCartney tells Hulu that he came up with the name ‘Sergeant Pepper while on a plane. “I was on a plane with our roadie and we were eating, and he said, ‘Can you pass the salt and pepper?’ I thought he said ‘Sergeant Pepper’. We had a laugh about that. And the more I thought about it, Sergeant Pepper — that’s kind of a cool character.” 

Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood tells Weekend magazine that he and Rod Stewart are recording new music in his studio. “Me, Rod, and Kenney have been recording some new Faces music. I saw Mick here last week and Rod and Kenney were here yesterday. Me and Mick have done nine new tracks for the [40th anniversary] re-release of [Stones album] Tattoo You [sic].”

The Robb Report says David Bowie’s New York City apartment recently sold for $17 million. The home had been on the market for just one month. David bought the condo for $3.8 million. It has a fireplace, a rooftop deck and a garden. The property was sold by a trust linked to David’s estate 

Queen’s Brian May tells Rolling Stone magazine that he still feels Freddie Mercury’s presence. “The funny thing is I feel more and more that he is kind of with us in a way, maybe I’m getting to be an old romantic, but Freddie is in my day every day, he’s always in my thoughts and I can always feel what he’d say in a certain situation, he’d laugh at this or whatever. He’s so much part of the legacy we created.”

Dee Snider tells the Metal From The Inside podcast that he is not reuniting with Twisted Sister. “I am one hundred percent committed to not reuniting. Now, let me just be clear: we’re friends. I did a [solo] show a couple of weeks ago bassist Mark Mendoza showed up, and we did ‘Under The Blade’, and it was awesome. I talk to the guys all the time. I can show you my text messages. We have a little text group, and we were sending messages back and forth. To me, that was the reason to reunite, was to fix the relationships [between the members of the band], and we did fix’ em, and we’re friends.”