Journey star Neal Schon tells The USA Today newspaper that he’s surprised the band is still going. “It’s quite an accomplishment and I’m very proud of what we’ve done and how we’ve gotten through emotional and personnel changes and survived. It’s pretty mind-boggling but also a lot of hard work. I’m so happy our fans have stuck with us all this time.”

Queen star Brian May tells Spin magazine that he would like to spend time on the International Space Station. “I don’t know if I’d like to get shot into space just to come right back down. I mean, give me a few weeks in the International Space Station and I might feel differently. I think I’d enjoy that or a trip to the Moon – something substantial. But being shot up there, being weightless for a little while then coming back down doesn’t appeal to me, I’m afraid.”

Billy Joel tells that he he loves hearing his fans reacting to his songs. “It doesn’t really make sense to me that people would come and see this static piano player stuck behind a big concert grand in the middle of a stadium, but they do. I hear this huge crowd of people singing the words to my songs and it’s fantastic. It’s such a great sensation as if I’m almost floating above this wonderful sound. But it wasn’t something I ever thought I would be doing. But people keep coming.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers star Anthony Kiedis tells Interview magazine that Salvador Dali inspired him to become a musician. “I went to an art gallery and stood in front of some thirteen-foot-tall Salvador Dali paintings. Seeing what he did on canvas opened my mind to the arts. I wanted to see if I could accomplish in music what he did with art.”

Belinda Carlisle tells that she never expected to still be doing music at her age. “I mean I always say if someone told me 40 years ago that I would still be doing this, I would have said no way. There is no way people will still be interested in me by then. I’ll be living in a little house in the middle of nowhere telling my grandchildren about the good old days.”

John Mellencamp tells The Washington Post newspaper that he’s too old to change his ways. “I was a rebel in my younger days, but I was still worried about insulting or alienating people to a point. Now, I don’t care one way or the other. You don’t like me? FIne. I’m not losing any sleep over it. I wish I had had this mentality my whole life. You know, you can’t please everyone, so please the ones you care about and that’s it.”

Alanis Morissette tells that younger artists should focus more on how they sound. “I’d always been taught from a very young age as a female that there was more importance in the ornamental part of myself rather than the instrumental part. Like, as long as I looked good, it didn’t matter how I sounded. I believed that for way too long. My advice to young artists is to focus on your sound over your looks. Like, still take care of yourself, but your sound will win you more fans than having a pretty face.”

Jon Bon Jovi tells that he knew his wife was his soulmate from the start. “I met my future wife in 1980, in high school. We were in the same class. Dorothea was going out with one of those guys who joined the service. He left town. We started dating, and that was the end of that.”

The Daily Mail says Mick Jagger’s 35 year old girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, has completed writing her first novel. ”First Position” follows a young dancer, whose life begins to unravel as she becomes more and more famous. 

Elton John tells that he’s not sure if this is actually his final tour. “I’ve had so many times where I was ready to hang it up, but came right back. I want to spend more time with my family, but I know that itch to perform may attack me again. We’ll see how long I can be home before I drive everyone crazy.”

The Toronto Star says Elton John was recently performing in Toronto when he honored the late Queen Elizabeth by saying, “She led the country through some of our greatest and darkest moments with grace and decency and genuine warmth. I ’m glad she’s at peace and I’m glad she’s at rest. She served and she worked bloody hard.”

Indy100 says Queen Elizabeth once skipped a Paul McCartney concert so she could watch the TV show ”Twin Peaks”. Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti says,  “Back when Twin Peaks was kicking off around the world, I flew by Concorde to London, to work with Paul McCartney at Abbey Road. He said, ‘Let me tell you a story’. Not long before we met, he’d been asked to perform for the Queen for her birthday celebrations. And when he met her, he started to say, ‘I’m honored to be here tonight, your Majesty, and I’m going to play some music for you.’ And the Queen says, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t stay, it’s five to eight and I have to go and watch Twin Peaks!’”

Stevie Nicks was recently performing outside of Chicago when she dedicated “Landslide” to the late Queen Elizabeth.

Duran Duran star Simon Le Bon tells that they never let their fame go to their heads. “We’re in the Hall of Fame, but we’re still on the road every day. We’ve played for royalty, but we’re not royalty ourselves. To me, we’re still that same struggling band we were when we first started out. The hunger is still there. I hope it never leaves me.”

Jon Bon Jovi tells that the secret to success is to always be yourself. “I think the overall view is we’re comfortable in our shoe. We’ve always known who we are, what we do best. That’s the secret. Be yourself, do what you love, and everything will fall into place.”

The Boston Globe says Aerosmith returned home to Boston last night for a concert at Fenway Park. On Wednesday, Steven Tyler went to his old apartment at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue. All five band members lived in the apartment when they were first starting out. The residents were stunned when Steven stopped by. 

Roger Daltrey tells Forbes magazine that The Who is close to retirement. “The Who is getting near retirement age. I would like to stop while we’re still doing it well. When I can’t sing the notes anymore, sing to where it touches the audience, then it’s time. The Who’s music is very different from most rock. You’re dealing with words from a deep inner space within us all. [The words] have to connect the singer to the audience. If I lose the power to do that, well, I will stop, even if it’s after this tour. I don’t want the downward slope where you’re not quite as good as you used to be.”