Radio Loses A Great Friend

Growing up and listening to the radio, there were several people that made me want to do what they did. One such person was Ted Baer. Ted did the morning show on WNBF in the mid to early 80’s and later went to WENE. This was a time when radio still shined and DJ’s were real personalities. Ted was certainly one of the most popular ones in town. I not only listened to him when I could, but often would have my dad take me to his live broadcasts to see him do his thing in person.

Not only was Ted a talented radio guy, But he was also a talented musician and singer.  He performed at the Forum with the B. C. Pops and also entertained in night clubs around the area.

Sadly Ted passed away last week in his hometown of Danville, Illinois at the age of 76.

Ted retired from radio several days before I joined the WENE staff, so I never got to work with him.  He returned to his home town and ran a clock repair store for a number of years.

It wasn’t until several years ago that I met Ted as a adult, and able to tell him how he inspired me. He was a super nice guy and will be missed .

The picture above is Ted (in the middle) with his long time news man Carl Wall (left) and Dana Potter (right) who I have had the absolute pleasure of working with for almost my entire time in radio, and the current operations manager of the Vault..


RIP Ted and Keep Rockin’ – Tejay

Tejay Schwartz

Morning Drive Jock at GM Broadcasting / 102.5 The Vault. -- I was born in Denmark and moved to the US with my family when I was 3. I grew up in Upstate NY and have lived here since. I graduated from JC High school and Sullivan County Community. I'm working The 102.5 The Vault Morning Show as well as traffic (scheduling commercials).