I am a huge Back To The Future fan .. Watching the film back in the 80’s,  it was fun to see some of the technology that was supposed to happen by 2015. Self lacing shoes and the futurist entertainment centers have happened, however the flying cars was probably the biggest miss …

Ironically the one thing i never thought we’d see, was something Doc Brown invented in the 1950’s. Although it way not have worked for him, it looks like scientists at MIT have created something that does ..

The gadget — which they’re calling the AlterEgo — is a headset that rests on your ear and fits snugly along your jaw ..

When you think something, the AlterEgo senses the brainwaves and translates those brainwaves into words ..

Amazingly, the AlterEgo system is able to figure out 92 percent of commands people are thinking without one single word being uttered ..

Kind of cool, but also kind of scary ..

Keep Rockin’ – Tejay