Show Some Love For A Older Animal

If you know me, you know i love animals .. I have two dogs, Koda and Yeti, both rescue dogs. I adopted them from the Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York, Inc. in Syracuse.

While people usually pick puppies, there are so many older dogs that need that forever home too.. Yeti was 6 when i brought her home, and she has been the perfect addition to my life.

It’s sad to see those poor senior dogs (and cats) who spend years in a shelter rather than a home. I just saw this story and thought it was a clever way to get someone to adopt a dog.

A dog named Henry has a profile on Tinder. He has been a resident at the no-kill Animal Ark Rescue, in Columbus, Georgia, for three years.

Shelter worker Miranda Morrison posted Henry’s ad online. It reads; “Hello hooooouuuuuman! My name is Henry, but you can call me ‘good boy. “Netflix and Nuzzles?”

Morrison tells NBC News that she listed Henry’s age as 23. ”He likes to swim, and lives for car rides. Henry enjoys hiking and “loves to get out and go on adventures. After a long day he is content to cuddle up on the couch and watch TV and snuggle with you. I could go on and on about him.”

Here’s the hope Henry finds a home soon ..

If your looking to adopt from a shelter, please consider getting a senior pup, Don’t think of them as old, think of them as wise with a story to tell … 

Keep Rockin’ – Tejay

Tejay Schwartz

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