The Lady M&M Characters Were Changed to Make Them Less Sexist

M&M’s just changed the characters in its commercials to make the lady characters less SEXIST.  They’d been getting complaints about it for a while.

The green M&M used to wear sexy knee-high boots, but now she’s in sneakers.  And the brown M&M wore stilettos, but now she’s in a chunkier heel that’s supposed to be more professional.  They’ll also be more supportive of each other in the ads.

Green’s bio on the M&M’s website now says she enjoys being a, quote, “hypewoman for [her] friends.”  And Brown’s says she’s “not bossy, just the boss.”  M&M’s put out a statement that says they wanted to update their tone to be more “inclusive, welcoming, and unifying.” 

Tejay Schwartz

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