The Latest Viral Trend: Vodka Butter

There are a few ways to jazz up your morning toast: You can grab a fancy bread . . . you can add cinnamon and sugar . . . or you can spend the time to morph it into French toast or avocado toast.

But now there’s a fascinating new option: Add alcohol.

The latest food trend to go viral on TikTok is: VODKA BUTTER. It’s what it sounds like . . . butter blended with vodka for an extra kick.

Chef Carolina Gelen popularized it in a TikTok post a few months ago, and it’s been picking up steam ever since.

It’s easy to make: You just soften two sticks of butter . . . and put it in a food processor with three ounces of vodka. Then spread it on toasted bread . . . and top it with something salty, like anchovies, pickles, or capers . . . along with a little black pepper and lemon zest.


Tejay Schwartz

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