The New iPhone Update Lets You Avoid Texts with Unwanted Nudes

Single ladies might appreciate this the most . . .

Have you ever received an unwanted NUDE sent to you in a text?  (Yes, we’re talking about D-pics.)  Apple’s latest iPhone update has a feature to prevent that.

iOS 17 came out this week, and there’s a feature called “Sensitive Content Warning” that automatically BLURS those photos.  

The pic still comes through, but it’s blurry with a message that says, “This may be sensitive.”  You have to click a button if you want to see it.

Anyone with a new enough iPhone to run the latest iOS can do it.  You just have to update, then go to Settings . . . Privacy & Security . . . and turn it on.

If you happen to be the one SENDING those nudes, don’t worry.  Apple says all the censoring happens within the person’s phone.  So those pics aren’t being saved on a server somewhere. 



Tejay Schwartz

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