What Do You Do While You Wait for the Microwave to Beep?

File this under things we all do but never talk about:  When you’re waiting for your MICROWAVE to finish, what do you do with that time?

 A YouTuber named Daniel LaBelle posted a funny video about it, where he goes through all the different ways we spend that time.  Which one of these do you do?

1.  Just stand there like a zombie until it beeps.

 2.  Stay to make sure you stop it with one second left, so it DOESN’T beep.

 3.  Walk away and try to GUESS when it’ll beep.  Again, you might rush back to make sure it doesn’t.

 4.  Go as fast as possible and try to clean the whole kitchen before it’s ready.

 5.  Put your food in, but you’re too impatient.  So while you wait, you have a snack.

 6.  Put your food in and walk away to do something.  But then you FORGET about it, and find it still in there the next time you go to use it.

(He does a few more in the video.  Search for “How Different People Wait at the Microwave“.)

Tejay Schwartz

Morning Drive Jock at GM Broadcasting / 102.5 The Vault. -- I was born in Denmark and moved to the US with my family when I was 3. I grew up in Upstate NY and have lived here since. I graduated from JC High school and Sullivan County Community. I'm working The 102.5 The Vault Morning Show as well as traffic (scheduling commercials).