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A New Zealand Pizzeria Has a New Payment Option: “Buy Now, Pay . . . When You Die”

The bad thing about those “Buy Now, Pay Later” services is . . . you don’t get THAT much extra time.  It’s basically Gen Z’s version of LAYAWAY.  But THIS is something I could get behind . . .

A New Zealand-based pizza chain is doing a new spin on Buy Now, Pay Later:  “Buy now, pay . . . MUCH later . . . WHEN YOU DIE.”

The place is called Hell Pizza . . . and the promotion is called “AfterLife Pay.”  (That’s a play on Afterpay . . . one of the BNPL services.)

It’s not open to EVERYONE.  You need to be local:  They’re accepting 666 applicants from New Zealand and 666 from Australia.  And if you do it, you’re promising that you will write what you owe into your will.

It isn’t 100% serious.  Hell Pizza admits it’s a “light-hearted” stunt . . . but they ARE accepting applications, and they ARE giving out delayed-payment pizzas to 666 “winners” in both countries.

Each person will get ONE pizza through “AfterLife Pay,” which is valued at $25.

Hell Pizza claims the agreement you sign to pay after death is “legally binding.”  No interest or fees will apply . . . and in the terms and conditions, it says they reserve the right to “enforce the debt owed by the Applicant against their estate upon death . . . or forgive any debt owed to it by the Applicant.” 

Tejay Schwartz

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